Ledctrl is a 12-channel led controller, featuring a few input channels, 12-bit pwm on each channel and currents (tested) up to 300mA per channel. It utilizes a Atmel atmega32u4 for control and a Philips pca9685 for the PWM.
Schematics can be found on the project page.

dRGBblades is a small custom pcb to drive a lpd8806-based led stripe on a rc-helicopter blade with a 1s lipo
Full Schematics and board, as well as the software can be found inside the github repository.


NASMount allows you to mount the crypted shared folders of your Synology NAS directly on your desktop, not using the webgui provided on the nas. And as it tries the password on every crypted folder first, asking for the next password only if there are crypted folders left, it saves alot time.
Source code and binaries are on the project page.

JAirPort is a experimental Airplay-Server written in Java.
Goto the github project

VanasKoS is a Addon for the massively multiplayer online role playing game "World of Warcraft". It helps you to keep track of players who annoyed you.
For more details, visit the addon page.

Lineage 2 Database
Lineage 2 Database was a database for the game Lineage 2, it contained locations and drop chances for almost everything in the game and supported dynamic map creation for the locations. Back in the days it was hosted by the onlinewelten gmbh.
Screenshots 1, 2